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It's always Summer somewhere


Popping vitamin D pills like they're going out of fashion? 
After what feels like an eternity of 'meh' grey, drizzly weather, 
it's little wonder that most of us want to chase an endless summer.

And frankly, no one celebrates sunshine -or summer-
with as much vim, verve,style  or colour as the team at Once Milano
(what can we say, we blame it on being Italian!).



From a punchy palette

that takes in bold fuchsia and peacock…





or the subtlest of blush vintage pinks and greys,

there is linen to wear, touch, lie on, eat off 









and generally cocoon yourself in
as you zoom off to the other side of the equator

Alfresco dining, a dip in the sea, a cool siesta, and that inimitable, delicious feeling
 of searing sunshine on your skin.

What are you waiting for? Tick off the holiday bucket list and stop the (winter) day dreaming!



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Life style



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