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Monogram Mania

Monogram Mania

Celebrating the 'every day' is at the core of Once Milano 
and nothing does this more elegantly than monogrammed items
which elevate the basics of our 'vie quotidienne'.


At Once Milano we personalise our linens
with letters, logos or bespoke designs
creating a beautiful, custom made finish
to any of our products.


In many ways, monogramming recalls our fingerprints: distinct and unique to us. 


It shows pride, whether that be
a pride in yourself, your style,
or the fact that you initials just look great together.

Otherwise, experiment with a carefully crafted symbol that reflects your personality-
be that something bold and architectural or luxuriously understated. 

                     For a monogram not only means a few intertwined letters. 


Also, try injecting an element of humour by adding a monogram to somewhere entirely unexpected.

Check the latest ‘M’Onogram Mania’ trunk show at Moda Operandi

where we introduced a beach towel and the coordinated bag.



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luxurious handmade italian linen blankets with piping and monograms
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