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The Art of Italian Craftsmanship


At the core of Once Milano are products which celebrate 
the timeless elegance of artisanal craftsmanship. 
The Veneto region, where Once Milano is based, is full of artisans. 
This corner of Italy has the highest number of companies 
registered in the whole of Italy; every little house 
has its own company in the backyard.


Each piece of linen at Once Milano
is hand cut, sewn and dyed.
In order to ensure that the pieces do not lose their shape, 
fabrics are hand cut 
to create a rich, unique effect
impossible to achieve 
with the use of machines.

It takes 6 days to make one a Once Milano quilt, 

the perfect accessory for snuggling up under this winter. 

First of all the top layer is hand dyed,

 then it is hand stitched to the white or natural bottom one. 

This roll of double layered linen is then sent to the factory where they create the quilt following a pattern of polka dots specifically custom made for One Milano

All the dots are sewn on together with a single thread – the final quilt has a sort of cob web on it – and

 each and every one of them is then finished individually by hand.

The quilt is now ready for your bed.



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