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Linen Tablecloth with Fringe


Linen Tablecloth with Fringe

Our linen tablecloth with fringe is a hero of the Once Milano collection and adds a dollop of style to any table setting. This versatile item also doubles up as a bed throw or looks casually elegant draped over a sofa or chair. Made from 100% handmade Italian linen, the fringe trim adds interesting textured detail and a vintage finish. It is one of our most popular choices for a host gift when staying with friends for the weekend.
Once Milano linen tablecloths are easy to care for and do not require ironing

Square 220x220cm (€270)
Medium 175cm x 260cm (€ 270)
Large 190cm x 330cm (€ 420)

Please do contact us at info@oncemilano.com for custom sizing and care instructions.
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