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About Once Milano

Allegra and Valeria met as law students in Strasbourg around 20 years ago but it wasn’t until 2012, after careers in law and bringing up young families in Venice and London, that they decided to launch Once Milano, a modern interpretation of traditional linen, with the aim of re-inventing Italian homeware.

'Linen has always been part of our lives', says Allegra, 'and we wanted to create items from this fabric in a design and colours we loved. Linen is at once luxurious yet understated, and also contemporary.'

'We wanted to show its extraordinary range and reach while never compromising on quality and style',  continues Valeria'. 'We love the imperfection of its imperfect streaks and how the shadows dance within the fabric.

We want you to savour the feeling of sinking into cool bed linen sheets, dining on crisp elegant linen tablecloths and drying with soft linen towels'.

Allegra Marchiorello (Creative Director) Valeria Piovesana Thompson (CEO)

The Once Milano story

At Once Milano, there are no shortcuts. Quality is never compromised and Once Milano products are timeless, elegant and revel in a luxurious understatement that has become a signature of the brand.

We create items using only the finest materials made by skilled artisans in Venice. Custom made pieces are available to order and include personalised embroidery, the option of piping trims and monogrammed items.

The collection includes exquisite bed and table linen, kitchen and bathroom accessories as well as a burgeoning range of lounge wear, bags and pochettes. Each piece of linen is hand cut, sewn and dyed. In order to ensure that the pieces do not lose their shape, fabrics are hand cut to create a rich, unique effect, impossible to achieve with the use of machines.

At the very core of Once Milano is the concept of slowing down and celebrating the ‘here and the now’. It is the creation of the right mood that enhances the beauty of the present moment. It is about making THE EVERY DAY- indeed any day – special.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Allegra Marchiorello (Creative Director) and Valeria Piovesana Thompson (CEO)